Wheredle 🌎

How To Play

Guess the state in 7 tries.

After each guess, you will see whether the guess was correct 🟩 , or incorrect 🟨.

If the guess is incorrect, it will tell you which direction the correct solution is.
↗️ for North-East, ↙️ for South-West, and so on.

A new Wheredle 🌎 will be available each day!


To find the correct state try to look for the following indicators:
  • Vibes
  • Markings on Public Transport
  • Business Names on Trucks or Vans
  • Landmarks
  • Terrain
  • Names on Businesses and Stores
  • Clothing of Pedestrians to determine season
  • Shape of Leaves on Trees to determine the Climate
  • Rooftops

Wanna talk?

Email me at asahdev0@gmail.com, or find me here, or here.

Thank you to the 250k+ players for playing. Starting July 11th I will be putting this project on maintenance mode with daily randomly picked previous puzzles.

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